OG_Softbot Commands



How OG joins channels... and leaves them, not that you would ever want to do that.

// From any channel that is live and has OG_Softbot, or any time at og_softbot
!og_softbot join
!softbot join

// From your channel
!og_softbot leave
!softbot leave


Clap another user's cheeks; the most important command on this list.

!clap @username

ex: !clap @nanohard_

!wotd / !word

Word of the day. Change "clap" to any other word for 24 hours.

!wotd <word>

Ex: !wotd lick


Having 11+ quotes will enable posting a random quote every hour.

!quote <username> <thing to quote>

ex: !quote @otheruser That's what she said.

!quote <#>
Print a specific quote.


The rules we live by in the Hug Gang.

!rules <#>


Let everyone know you're giving real homie love.



A prayer to our lord RNG.



Add a command.

!com add <+><command> <Text here>
!com remove/delete <command>

ex: !com add discord discord.gg/12345
in: !discord
out: discord.gg/12345

ex: !com add +discord discord.gg/12345 ("+" adds it as a mod-only command)

ex: !com delete discord


Add a counter. "SS" will be replaced by streamer name; "*" will be replaced by actual count.

!counter add <name> <text here>
!counter remove/delete <name>

ex: !counter add death SS has died * times
in: !death
out: nanohard_ has died 1 times


A raffle system to reward those you love, like me!


Options: create, delete, pick, give, list, enter

// if no # of tickets given, will default to 1 max per user
!raffle create <raffleName> [max # tickets] 

!raffle delete <raffleName>

// pick a winner for the raffle
!raffle pick <raffleName>

// give a user # of tickets
!raffle give <@username> <#>

// list all raffles available
!raffle list

// user can spend tickets on available raffles
!raffle enter <raffleName> [# tickets]


See how many tickets you have.

in: !mytickets
out: You have 9 tickets.


See which raffles you have entered and how many tickets you put into each.

in: !myraffles
out: Raffle:3 OtherRaffle:9 CoolGame:4


Request a feature.

!request <text here>

ex: !request really cool thing that would be really cool!